Health Coach Nutritional Consultant Personal Trainer

Professional Personal Training, Life Coaching and Nutritional Consulting.

Current Certifications include:

Personal Fitness Trainer (AAAI/ISMA), Tony Robbins Certified Life Coach, Sports Nutrition Consultant (AAAI/ISMA), Strength Conditioning and Weight Training Consultant (AAAI/ISMA), Stress Reduction & Relaxation and Meditation Instructor (AAAI/ISMA), Older Adult Fitness Trainer Certification (AAAI/ISMA), Phase III Yoga Instructor Certification (AAAI/ISMA), Personal Fitness Sports Conditioning Consultant Certification (AAAI/ISMA), CPR/AED Certified (NationalCPRFoundation)

Shelly’s Transormation: Down a total of 38 inches, and 65 lbs!

“Will Meara helped me overcome things I thought I would never do and it has made me such a happier person!”

Jen’s Written Testimonial  👇

“I was involved in a motorcycle accident in July of 2011 and suffered a fractured neck and two broken wrists. I went into the gym to see Will Meara and to talk to him about my goals to get fit in August 2011. When I first started training with Will I still had to wear my wrist braces as I was still in the healing process. He first had me just walking on the treadmill, and eventually over time wanted me to jog (after I was given the ok from the doctors) and healthy enough to do so. I was so nervous. Now I can sprint at ten miles per hour for twenty seconds! It might not be a big deal to most people but was a huge improvement. My results are amazing training with Will! I have lost many inches in my legs, waist and arms. I feel so great. He has also helped with nutrition. I look great in my clothes, have gone down a dress size, and hit my goal of losing 15lbs the day before my birthday just as he and I planned! I have so much energy through the day and week thanks to Will!”


Damien’s written testimonial 👇

“For the past 18 months I have had the privilege of working with
Will. During this time, I have seen immense changes in both my body
and my mind. I want to emphasize that when working with Will, he did
not simply have me do exercise after exercise, but rather taught me
what each exercise did and how to perform it correctly. Additionally,
he provided guidance on proper eating, the power of positive thought,
proper technique, proper stretching, and an understanding of how the
body works. Every time I worked out with Will, it was not only a
workout for my body but also my mind”

Many people have asked me about my 110+lbs weight loss over the past 12 months and how I’ve accomplished it. The key to my success is actually a very simple formula: Will Meara + smart choices + hard work = RESULTS…Anna Schmidt

Linda’s results: “My A1C (Type 2 Diabetes) was 6.9 (borderline need for medication), my bad cholesterol was borderline, and I was taking a medication for high blood pressure. I have lost 28.8 lbs, and a total of 19 inches. My blood pressure is now excellent and I no longer have to take any medications! I just got my new A1C hemoglobin test results back, and am no longer at risk for diabetes at a level of 5.4!

“The result as of now (working with Will) is my blood pressure went down from 140/97 to 114/82. My doctor is pleased with this. For my Lipitor, I will need to wait until this summer for my annual physical check up to have blood work to get the result”…Danny

Adrienne: “I tried online workouts, yoga, running, physical therapy, chiropractors, and even injections from orthopedic surgeons, none of which worked. Will stopped my neck pain within our initial consultation

“Will has not only helped me transform physically, but mentally also, into a better person. I have lost almost 60lbs, am in the best physical condition of my life, and have an amazing outlook on life”…Elizabeth Daher

Willet Hossfeld’s Experience: “I sleep better, am more focused at work, my resting heart rate has dropped about 20 beats per minute, my bad cholesterol is down by more than 60 points, and for the first time in my life I don’t hear “You have high cholesterol (from my doctor)”!

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